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Content Management System

Several years ago we created the Content Management System to be available to all our clients.  This was to give them more control over the content, keeping maintenance costs down and gave us the ability to create more mini-applications that tie into it.  Since it’s naturally web-based, there’s no software to install and so long as you have a modern web browser, completely cross-platform.


Our Content Management System has evolved into the main application for all future websites we implement, since every client has requested it, and the cost and time savings added when installed makes it a no brainer.  As the feature requests came, so did our Mini-Apps, and all integrate seamlessly into our CMS.


Edit any page’s content

If you have ever felt the need to change the content on your website, but hesitate to call your web guy, or even worse, worry about paying for an hour’s work for copy/pasting,Content Maanagement System Edit Buttons then our Content Management System is for you.  With a few clicks you can be editing any of the pages on your website. Just navigate to the page you wish to edit, then click "Edit Page".  It's that simple!  No drudging through admin pages just to find the one you're looking for, and then having to go back once you're done to see what it looks like.

Our editor is just like any other word processor, so there’s an instant sense of familiarity when using it.  Once installed, any of our Mini-Apps are available for you to use, and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we’ll create one to suit your needs.


Format and design pages without any programming knowledge required

There’s no need to worry about having previous programming knowledge of any kind when using our Content Management System.  If you’re comfortable with word processors, then you will be with our editor as well.  That way, you have complete control of your copy and there’s no need to call us for help, or worry about getting charged for something you can easily do yourself.


Upload and position images to your liking

Not only can copy be inserted, removed, or edited, but images can as well.  One click of a mouse and you’re on your way to uploading Content Maanagement System File Managerand positioning your images on the page using our file manager.  You can also have your text wrap around the images via the image properties as well. 


Create landing pages on the fly

An integral part of SEM and even SEO are landing pages.  Direct your traffic to a page that increases leads and gets to the point.  Some call it an abbreviated version of your whole website.  You can also set up A/B testing to find out what type of content will generate the most leads.  How does this all play into our Content Management System?  Creating new pages is instant and automatic.  To create a landing page, just type in the name of the URL you want to use, e.g. , and start inserting all your desired copy, images, and videos.  There’s no need to wait for us to create special pages for you, just type your desired web page name and start editing!


Upload or embed videos with our ScreenFade Video Manager

Content Maanagement System ScreenFade Video PlayerOur ScreenFade Video Manager Mini-App plugs in seamlessly into our Content Management System.  If you want videos on your website, just a single click and you can upload your video, and position it to your liking.  Our ScreenFade Video Manager will take care of the rest, automatically embedding into your page, fading the screen so your visitors focus on the video when they click play.  All clients we install this Mini-App with are always very satisfied with the results.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our Content Management System and its associated Mini-Apps we have created over the years.  If there’s anything you want that you don’t see here, and on our Technologies page, just let us know and we’ll create a solution to suit your needs.

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