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The Process

 Demo : Image Manager

Featured Tool: Drag & Drop Image Manager
Click on the video above to view just one mini-app as part of our Content Management System.

"You guys have been amazing to work with, even while I was at an ad agency working on client websites. You're very quick to respond and the turn around time for projects, big or small, always beat my expectations! Silvermoon Interactive's quality of work, wonderful client service and knowledge cannot be found anywhere else. I would highly recommend you guys in a heart beat!"

Rhea Diaz,

Project Coordinator // Shama Cycles

Step 1Step 1: Quote / Project Approval

We can help you quote a project in several different ways:

  • Already know which of our packages or plug-in modules the client needs?  Use our Quote Generator to create a quote within minutes.
  • Send us a site map and we will suggest the technologies your client should have along with pricing.
  • If the design is not changing or will use similar features as their existing website, just send us a link and we will assemble an estimate for you.


Step 2Step 2: Programming

Send us your InDesign, PDF, PSD or whatever design file format you used to create the project.
Within 10 days (on average), we will send you a development link ready for reviewing & content editing.



Step 3Step 3: Testing, Revisions & Content Editing

This is where copy is inserted, images and videos are aligned, and your customer reviews the revisions and makes any final adjustments until it's perfect.



Final StepFinal Step: Get final client approval

Once we receive the green light, we will launch the new site.  If DNS changes are necessary, we will help with that process.  Once the site is live, we stick around for support, questions, and of course free upgrades whenever we make updates to our CMS and mini-apps.

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