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Why Silvermoon Interactive

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Click on the video above to view just one mini-app as part of our Content Management System.

"Our creative team loves that Silvermoon faithfully represents the creative work we do in InDesign in HTML."

Michelle LeBlanc,

Principal // Blue Sky Marketing

  • We stay true to your design

    Unlike the common web developer, we go far beyond normal efforts to bring your client the exact design you agreed upon. We still have not had to make any concessions in the year's worth of projects we've completed, all without the back and forth you would normally see in each project. This frees up your valuable time to keep creating and developing your business.


  • Not your typical Content Management System

    It's not just editing some text and making it bold. Our CMS comes with over 30 mini-apps that plug seamlessly into it, and we handle all the heavy lifting. Mini-apps such as Appointment Calendar, Blog, Testimonial Generator, and Banner Manager become available on every project. It was co-developed with one of our Agency clients to ensure that it's not only intuitive and easy, but also robust enough to handle complex functions on their customer websites.


  • We're here to make your life easier

    We understand how hard it can be to deal with the technology side of your business. We also audit each project in its beginning stages to ensure everything is in place. In the end, minimal time is needed to be spent dealing with the web side of your project.


  • Fast and cheap facelifts

    No, it's not what you think! Once your customers are on our Content Management System platform, it's quick and easy to facelift the site with a new design. This keeps the cost to your customer down, and gives them incentive to use your design services more often.


  • Our software never goes stale

    We've seen an alarming amount of our customers coming to us with bad, expensive, and dated software running their website. Rest assured our software will never go stale. We are constantly updating our CMS platform and its plug-in modules, and your customers see that as a benefit to their membership.


  • Quote Generator and Online Payments

    To make things even easier for you, we have developed a Quote Generator for instantly quoting out the website portion of your bid. Choose packages that fit your customer's needs, move plug-in modules around, create your own package, add your own fees, etc. Once you're done, we'll give you the modules and package descriptions to paste into your own bid, all without wasting time having to correspond with us. We also made available payments to us via e-Check and Credit Card. That way work can start instantly, without waiting weeks for a paper check to be printed.


  • We don't have to be a third party to your customer

    If you choose, we can be a part of your team instead of Silvermoon Interactive's, maintaining transparency that some Agencies desire.

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