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Not Your Typical Content Management System

CMS ScreenshotIf you take a look around the web, the Content Management Systems you will find allow you to just edit your content, maybe an image can be placed and bold some text.  Our content editor is not only full featured, but we have over 30 mini-apps that plug into it, including an Appointment Calendar, Blog, Testimonial Generator, and Banner Manager, to name a few.  Plus, there’s no downloading and installing, so there’s no potential for getting confused or stuck going back and forth with technical support. Click here to read more.


CMS Packages

Below you’ll find our pre-defined packages that cover most types of clients.  After your customer’s website and needs are analyzed, you can easily come up with a package and any necessary customizations using our quote generator without needing to wait for our response, or ask us and we’ll help you with the quote.


Basic Brochure Site - Retail
Basic Brochure Site - Services
Restaurant Suite
Ecommerce Suite (Buy Online)
This package is the most affordable way for retail businesses to have a web presence without the extra cost of a full-fledged product website. It allows all the other features one would expect from a retail website, such as social networking integration, SEO Management and newsletter signups. As always our CMS allows for unlimited page creation, so product pages can be added on the fly as needed.
Content Management System
Social Networking
Banner Manager
Mailing List Signup
Navigation Editor
Meta Tag Editor
Product Suite (Browse)
Bariatric Suite
Interactive Suite
A La Carte / Create Your Own


Mobile Websites

More and more potential customers are using smart phones every day.  Web usage by mobile users increased by 149% in 2009 alone, and yet many businesses don’t think of implementing mobile-friendly sites.  Instead, they force visitors to zoom in and drag the site around the screen to get the info they need.  Gain the edge by making a dedicated mobile-friendly website available to your customers, so they can modify its content as well as their own with our CMS.


Corporate Blogging

Want to offer a blog to your customers?  We have that covered, too.  Just add it to any package and we take care of the rest.  Silvermoon Interactive’s blog seamlessly integrates with our CMS as we built it from the ground up, and yet has all the necessary features of any typical blog out there.   We’ve kept it easy to use and quick to add/edit/delete posts and comments, so your customer can maintain their blog and move on with their day faster.



These small web and software applications make up our Silvermoon Interactive Mini-App Suite.  If you choose an a la carte solution, below is our entire list of mini-apps so you can create your own custom package.  We are creating new mini-apps with almost every project, so if nothing jumps out at you, just let us know and we’ll create a custom web application solution to satisfy your needs.

 eCommerce System
 Photo Gallery
 Message Board
 BMI Calculator
 Bulk Product Uploader
 Drag & Drop Image Manager
 Navigation Editor
 Member Manager
 Social Networking
 Banner Manager
 Searchable Directory
 Sidebar Rotator
 Ask An Expert
 SmartFollow Jump Menu
 Meta Tag Editor
 Profile Manager
 Products & Categories
 Appointment Calendar
List events per month with a purely informational purpose, or allow members to register for them. Allows for recurring events, displaying the data in other formats, and exporting to any major calendar application. Optionally, you may limit to a certain number of available spots, and allow users reserve seats for their guests.
 ScreenFade Video Manager
 Mailing List Signup
 Editable Menus
 Store Locator with Maps
 Intranet File Manager

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